Artist Statement



My work is inspired by nature, politics and personal experience. I paint, dye and/or batik my own fabric. The application of wax can create solid, defined edges, which I like. Most often though, I enjoy creating unusual textures through spontaneous experimentation with the wax and the dye. I use all kinds of brush strokes, spattering, dripping, folding or tjanting tool scrawls.

Winston Churchill said, “Occasionally man will stumble over the truth.  Most times though, he will pick himself up and carry on.”  I love this quote because it rings true and feels discouraging, but makes me laugh at the same time.  This quote expresses the inspiration behind my Social artwork.  In this work I restate current events or personal stories, using combinations of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, mythology, Americana, popular culture and more.  

Vincent Van Gogh said “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream”.  My Nature artwork is inspired by thoughts such as these.  Paying tribute to the natural world, I create stylized “snapshots” of sights one might see while hiking a mountain trail, strolling through a city park or sitting in a garden.